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Boogeyman. Monster. Demon. Killer. Evil.

Jenkins left behind his loved ones and everything he’s ever known to stalk through summer camps, abandoned hospitals, rundown schools, and isolated houses, hunting anyone foolish enough to visit these places, leaving behind sites of carnage, terror, death, and destruction. Sometimes, there are survivors. Always, there is blood.

And he does it to protect and preserve all of existence across the Multiverse.

But now he’s the one being stalked and hunted, and life as we know it hangs in the balance unless he figures out a way to survive.

Early Praise!

“A metaphysical science fiction slasher that doesn’t scrimp on the gore and might just get you rooting for the guy with the machete, the ax, the knife, and that certain glint in his eye that lets you know it’s all over.”Stephen Graham Jones, author of The Only Good Indians, Mongrels, The Last Final Girl

“In Standalone, Paul Michael Anderson goes for the throat on the first page and doesn’t relent until the mind-blowing conclusion. This story pulses with intensity and imagination even as its characters unleash a hellstorm of bloodletting and mayhem. Highly recommended.”Jonathan Janz, author of The Raven, Children of the Dark, and The Dark Game.

“See these papercuts? I accrued them reading Anderson’s Standalone. The pages turn with speed and brutality, propelling you into a cosmic, psychological slasher-fest that’s both cinematic and deeply emotional. It will toy with your alliances, have you questioning villain from hero, and above all else, leave you cheering.” Aaron Dries, author of House of Sighs, The Fallen Boys, and A Place for Sinners.

“Paul Michael Anderson sends us on a gory rollercoaster ride through the subgenre we all think we know so well. Standalone is a clever marriage of horror nostalgia and the desire for a better future, trapped in the love a father has for the daughter he left behind.”James Sabata, author of Fat Camp and co-host of The Necronomi.Com.