Bones Are Made to be Broken is released!…Tomorrow!

So.  Tomorrow’s kinda a big day.  Yep.  A little bit.


Bones Are Made to be Broken will be released tomorrow, the 29th.  I hope it does well.  I mean, the people who blurbed it seemed to like it, and, since I last posted, another advance review came in, this time from Unnerving Magazine’s Eddie Generous, who wrote, “Gutting and deep-reaching, this collection dangles the dark side and delivers with such potency it’s difficult to imagine something better or more impactful. Strong writing blooms into something truly awesome with the emotion poured into these stories.”  This on top of the stellar review from Thomas Joyce’s review over at This Is Horror just made me do a little happy dance (imagine a curmudgeonly, 6’2″ bearded sarcastic dude doing a little happy two-step–there you go).

Coming up, I talked a little bit with Becky Narron over at Roadie Notes and I show up, briefly, on the latest This Is Horror, to talk about creating suspenseful scenes–I, uh, hate the sound of my voice and if I sound like a tool, well…After that, more reviews will be coming in from places and people I respect and are my go-tos for good analysis even when it’s not my ass on the line (you know who you are, people).  And then, well, people will see if the book sucks or not, won’t they?

So, yeah.  Tomorrow.  Big day.  Mark ye olde calendars.

You can buy the paperback and eBook–and help me support my family; no pressure, though, over at the main publisher site, Dark Regions Press, and I’m seeing links for the eBook on Amazon.  If you’re feeling special and fancy, you can spring for the deluxe, expanded, hardcover that editor Michael Bailey and I are currently fine-tuning.



Illustration by Pat R. Steiner, design by Michael Bailey

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