Story sale and how 2017 is shaping up

So, over on the most social of medias, this happened:


I’m pretty happy about this; Unnerving Magazine, edited by Eddie Generous, has been on my radar for a while; I did a What-Are-You reading guest post in October of 2016, and the the magazine reviewed (favorably) Bones Are Made to be Broken.  Earlier this year, I get an e-mail from Eddie asking if I’d be interested in selling him a story.  Given the work he’s already published–by John F.D. Taff, James Newman, Jessica McHugh, and others–I was intrigued and agreed, immeasurably pleased (I’ve had an uptick of people asking for stories since Bones came out, but that doesn’t make each one any less appreciated; “Hey!  People want my shit!” I think, and then wonder why they’re asking, given the word choice just used).

“The One Thing I Wished for You” is about fathers and daughters and wish fulfillment and the costs that fulfillment incurs.  I made one beta-reader cry (she also cried when she did the beta-read for “All That You Leave Behind”) and another beta-reader’s comments in the Track Changes of my manuscript were filled with oh-lord-no (in a good way, not this-is-terrible way) type reactions.  So, you know, the sun-on-my-shoulders, feel-good fare I’m getting a rep for.

The story will be showing up this summer; as of now, that’s three stories slated for sometime in 2017:

  1. “The One Thing I Wished for You” – Unnerving (summer)
  2. Reprint story (the publisher wants to announce the TOC, so I’ll hold off trumpeting anything) – Summer
  3. “How I Became a Cryptid Straight out of a 1980s Horror Movie” – Space & Time (go buy their current issue; my dude Bracken MacLeod is in it) (also, I’m noodling a haunted house story in the same sandbox as this murderous, sentient-lake story, so there’s that)

There are two requested stories with editors right now; if the editors dig them, that’ll mean I’ll have five stories this year, with four this summer alone.  That’d be cool.  (This ignores a novella slated for 2018; another novella I’m collaborating on that, if accepted, would be in 2018, and two other requests for books in 2018.)

So, that’s my Saturday.  And how are things on your end?

Go buy the latest issue of Unnerving Magazine (with stories by Jess McHugh and James Newman) here.

Go buy Bones Are Made to be Broken and support my selfish habit of writing for money here.


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