Gettin’ on the Coveted Cover

So Hildy Silverman, publisher and editor-in-chief, of Space & Time magazine, recently revealed the cover for issue #129 on Space & Time‘s Facebook page:


Oh, it’s nice to have top billing.  I mean, it could totally be ordered alphabetically–check the last names–but, damn, that doesn’t even matter to me.  The cover–done by Thomas Nackid–is beautiful and I’ve wanted to be in Space & Time for years; their fiction editor, Gerard Houarner, is a friend who, in the past, has helped me with stories in other venues (specifically, “A Nice Town with Very Clean Streets”), and is a stellar writer on top of that.

A  Nice Town_edited-2.jpg

Illustration for “A Nice Town with Very Clean Streets” by Pat R. Steiner, from Bones Are Made to be Broken.

The story that’s going to be within those pages is called “How I Became a Cryptid Straight out of a 1970s Horror Movie”.  It’s told from the perspective of a guy who gets turned into a lake–so, y’know, not the typical thing I write.  But, hell, it was fun to try to figure out the sensory details for a creature that’s literally a fucking lake, and Hildy and Gerard both liked it.

I’ll post more when the issue becomes available online and at Barnes & Noble.  Hope you pick it up.

Until then, you can always pick up Bones Are Made to be Broken


–or the latest issue of Unnerving magazine, which contains my new story “The One Thing I Wished for You”


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