I’m Here to Attack Your Eyes and Ears

Two brief things of note, gang:



The annual Halloween special of The Wicked Library podcast debuted this week; for it, host Dan Foytik brought back show creator Nelson W. Pyles to resurrect and reproduce a few “lost” stories from the show’s first season, including a production of my story “Love Song for the Rejected.”

Entirely recreated with noted voice actors Mike DelGaudio and Addison Peacock, with music by Nico Vettese, I am absolutely in fucking love with this.  Not just because, hey, it’s my story–everything they did was amazing.  Whenever I reread this story now, it’s going to be in Mike’s and Addison’s voices.

You can listen to the episode here, which also includes stellar stories (and productions) from Jessica McHugh, C. Bryan Brown, and Nelson W. Pyles.

If you’ve been curious if what I write is up your street, you could do worse than listen to this podcast–hell, “Love Song” is in Bones Are Made to be Broken.  The me-centric portion of the program begins, roughly, at the one-hour mark.



Holy hell–it’s here.  It’s finally here.  Almost a year to the day that the paperback and eBook came out, the deluxe, expanded, slipcase hardcover edition of Bones Are Made to be Broken arrived at the house.

Hoo, boy.  I couldn’t help it–I took pictures.

There are five copies left of the hardcover edition–which includes a bonus story (“Grownups”), as well as story notes–and you can get that here.

If the pricetag for all the bells-and-whistles is a bit much for you, you can pick up the Kindle or the paperback over at Amazon.

As we approach one-year-out since Bones was released, I have thoughts.  I’ll get to them soon.  Gotta noodle some more.  Also, life and deadlines get in the way.


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