And now, a word from our sponsors, my returning to editing

CQKWb55WoAAj6MR.jpg large

Hey.  You.


Yeah, you.

*taps your computer screen*

*you overreact and activate your antivirus software*

*I’m attacked by scanners until…

*stops impersonating Chuck Wendig’s blog-writing style*


In any event, the latest issue of LampLight is out–volume 4, Issue 1.  In digital and Kindle right now, but I’m told the print shall be along soon enough.  Pretty spiffy, with stories from Tim Waggoner, PD Cacek, Chris Shearer, Jamie Lackey, and Charles Paseur, a classic piece by M.R. James, with a column by Kevin Lucia and an afterword from me (which is a truncated version, cutting to “hey, this was fun”; I may post the full essay here at some point).  This is my second time working with Tim, third working with Jamie, so it has that sense of familiarity to it.  The cover, above, is a first, which Jacob Haddon pointed out to me–LampLight has never had a figure on the cover, which is pretty sweet.

If you forgot my birthday–back on the 14th of September–you could make it up to me by picking up a copy.  Also, review it.  Rack up them Amazon hits, and all that.


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