Here’s a song I find beautiful

So, part of this thing below –


Pulled from Facebook. Stop looking at me like that.

Day 2 is “a song you find incredibly beautiful.”  Yesterday was song played at your funeral–that would be “Happy Anniversary” by Motion City Soundtrack–and today’s song was immediate in my head: the cover of “Stand By Me” Tracy Chapman did on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Peep it below:

I heard the original when I was five or so, when I first saw the Rob Reiner film/Stephen King adaptation Stand by Me (which led to a later love of Buddy Holly, but whatever) and loved it ever since; I still have the cassette soundtrack to the film, even though I haven’t had a tape player of any kind in fifteen years.

I heard this version of “Stand By Me” about a year ago, and it basically completely changed my previous assumption that no one could do that song better (John Lennon covered it in the 1970s, but like everything John Lennon did solo, I thought it was fucking terrible).  Tracy Chapman, who I haven’t thought of since 1996, when “Give Me One Reason” was inescapable, totally owned this song.  It reminds me of when Cash covered Nine Inch Nails’s “Hurt” and made that song his to such an extent that Trent Reznor said in an interview with Alternative Press that the song wasn’t a NIN tune anymore.

So, anyway, there you go. Day 2 and some beauty.

Tomorrow?  A song that would make people think of me and I have no fucking idea what that would be.  (Sidenote: Reviewing the list, goddamn some of them are cheesy–a song that empowers me? Da fuque?–but I’ll figure it out.)

In other news, illustrations are coming in for Bones Are Made to be Broken and they take my breath away.  Some blurbs are coming in and they leave me going, “Wait? Are they talking about me?” I’m thinking, sometime this month, I’ll do a breakdown of everything coming down the line, which I realize I haven’t done yet.  Gotta remedy that.

Just not today, ’cause I’m tired.


John Rambo thinks that’s a great idea

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