When You Ask Me How I Break My Bones

So I did a quickie interview with Stephanie M. Wytovich today.  As an aside, Stephanie said this about Bones Are Made to be Broken:

“Intense and emotionally crippling, Anderson’s stories are not for the faint of heart.”

Stephanie M. Wytovich, author of The Eighth & Brothel

(It was because of the second book mentioned that I almost titled this post “So a Brother Madam Asked Me How I Break My Bones”; I beta-read that collection, then blurbed it, because it was awesome.  Go check it out here. )

Both Stephanie and I are currently perks for Dark Regions Press’s IndieGogo campaign for special editions of three new anthologies–her with her first novel, The Eighth, and me with Bones–so we decided to chat with one another.  Stephanie should be dropping by here at some point within the next week.

For a quickie, it was fun; it’s pretty much a process interview and I can talk about that for hours (my interview with Joe Hill–you should, ahem, ignore the header image of Part One–back in June had to run in two parts due to length) because…well, fuck, it’s what I do, right?   Gimme questions like “What’s the hardest part of the writing process for you?” and I’m off, friends and neighbors.

You can peruse the interview here.  Also, afterwards, go here and pre-order our books (can I interest you in some trade-paperbacks and eBooks?  Or deluxe editions of same?)


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