The Grim Reader takes a look at UNNERVING #3 (and, oddly enough, “The One Thing I Wished for You”)

So Adrian Shotbolt–a.k.a. The Grim Reader, a.k.a. Beavis the Bookhead, a.k.a. My Aussie Teacher Acquaintance–posted a review of Unnerving #3, which opens with my long-ish story “The One Thing I Wished for You”.  A quick snippet:

“Opening with a fantastic story by Paul Michael Anderson in which he asks: How far will a father go to relieve his daughter from any future pain, both physical and mental? Anderson writes heartfelt dark fiction so well and this story is brilliant and emotional…”

Not a bad way to start your Thursday!

You can read the rest of the review here: Magazine review: Unnerving Issue #3

You can pick up Unnerving Magazine #3 here.

And, hey!  You can pick up a copy of Bones Are Made to be Broken (“The One Thing…” isn’t in it–what with it being a new story–but people seem to like it) here.

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