Some Updating & Other Things (Batten Down the Hatches)

Updated the main menu–I haven’t had a single book for some time, so I slid the BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN page, created pages for HOW WE BROKE and STANDALONE, and slid the entire mess under a basic BOOKS page. Also, cleaned up my STORIES & EDITING page, because, y’know, that’s something that should be fairly contemporaneous. As this site transitions from a basic blog to an Oh-So-Very-Important ™ writer’s website (see the new domain?), it’s mostly me getting ready for the September launch of Standalone (which you can preorder by clicking the title there; go ahead, do it for Jesus).

Speaking of Standalone, final revisions are being done, and I’m lining up enough podcasts and articles that I feel simultaneously practical and pretentious to refer to the period from mid-August to mid-September as a “press junket”.

Also, there are other things going on with Standalone, but I’ll talk about that when I sign some names. Which might not happen! But I’m hoping it does. Anyhoo.

But, seriously, go preorder the fucking book.

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