Working with Night Worms (again)!

So this happened.

This is the second time I’ve worked with Sadie and Ashley and Night Worms–they commissioned a limited edition of How We Broke, the novella I wrote with Bracken MacLeod for Chiral Mad 4 back in March of 2020, working with Thunderstorm Books. I love working with Night Worms and, in general, just love Night Worms. Their monthly packages, of which I have purchased a few in my time, have always been spectacular and have led me to being introduced to new authors, such as Craig Davidson and James Sabata. The last one I was a part of introduced me to a bunch of new readers and I’m excited to see how it goes this time.

You can pre-order the package at the link and, yes, I know, they haven’t revealed how I’m a part of the package, but let’s keeps it real for a sec–what new book of mine is coming in September? (And there’s a whole bunch of stuff working behind the scenes on that, too!)

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