“The Man at Dealey Plaza” – A New Story! In Audio form!

It’s rare, but it’s fun when one of my stories gets the audio treatment. Today, over at The Wicked Library, they have an all-new story, called “The Man at Dealey Plaza” premiering, performed by Graham Rowat. It fits into the half-assed cosmology readers have seen in works like “The Doorway Man” and, more recently, “Hollowness”. I’m not much of a weird writer, say sorry, but I have fun when an idea occurs to me, and Mr. Rowat knocked it out of the goddamned park, friends and neighbors. When asked to do something in audio, I always try to think of some way to utilize the form and work backwards from there. I did something similar (with voicemails) in the story “Where You Find Faith in Things”.

In this instance, it’s a guy talking into his digital recorder and all the sounds digital recorders pick up. Being asked to limit the amount of dialogue helped in that respect, so that the story is less a narrative and more of a transcript. Making the guy a journalist and someone who became blind helped give me a sense of how to tell a story. This was also the first story written when the Covid-19 lockdown hit Virginia and schools went on what was originally called an extended spring break.

You can check “The Man at Dealey Plaza” here. Big thanks to Nelson W. Pyles for asking and the entire 9th Story Studios crew for facilitating, and big-big thanks to Graham Rowat for creating the voice I heard in my head.

And why the fuck now–pre-order Standalone, my upcoming slasher novella, here!

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