Standalone OFFICIALLY a Part of the September Package from Night Worms & My 1st BookTube Reviews!

It’s not a terrible surprise–my name was on the teaser banner for the September 2020 package, and I haven’t been able to shut the fuck up about my new book–but Night Worms, the awesome horror subscription service, revealed over on Instagram that Standalone is officially part of the package. My portion, not counting if my publisher includes bookmarks or whatever, will include signed bookplates and they look legit, fam. We made them look like old school video store rental cards, and that’s just fucking neat.

This is my second time with Sadie and Ashley, and I absolutely love it. Not only do they love horror, but they love curating a cool product and that means I get my books in front of people who truly enjoy the genre. You can’t beat that.

Pre-orders for the September package run until August 8th, I believe, so get on that, gang.

Next, Adam Cesare, the writer of Con Season and Zero Lives Remaining runs the Project: Black T-Shirt channel over on YouTube, where he pairs new releases or reissues of films and then pairs them with a book recommendation. On Wednesday, Adam recommended Standalone, saying, in part, that Standalone “has a lot of heart, a lot of psychological depth, a lot of interesting twists and turns….It’s really good and I really, very much recommend it.”

Check it out below (and, hey, if you like cult films, Black T-Shirt’s channel will hook you up with info):

And then, yesterday, Ben Walker, a BookTuber and reviewer for outlets such as Gingernuts of Horror, Unnerving, and Kendell Reviews, posted this:

…and that just absolutely floored me.

It seems people, as they see the book, are starting to dig Standalone, and, lemme tell ya, I am here for it. I mean, all writers are neurotic messes (don’t believe anyone who won’t cop to it), so people digging the work means I can push my imposter syndrome down a little bit further.

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