A Fresh Can of Updates Opened Just for You (This Is Horror! Ashes & Entropy! Suspended in Dusk 2! War on Christmas! The 2nd edition of BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN!)


A bunch of stuff has happened, is going to happen, has been revealed!


1.- This is Horror!

Recently, I was featured on the This Is Horror podcast, a longtime goal of mine and as fun as I’d hoped.  Hosts Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella were fun and inviting and we had a blast of a conversation.

You can listen to Part 1 here.


And you can listen to Part 2 here.


(I really want to be on again, so take a listen and tell Michael and Bob how much you loved it, so they’ll ask me on again.)

2. Suspended in Dusk 2!

My story “Wants and Needs” will be appearing in Suspended in Dusk 2, edited by Simon Dewar and published by Grey Matter Press.  This hits July 10th, and will also include stories from Damien Angelica Walters, Bracken MacLeod, Sarah Read, Paul Tremblay, Christopher Golden, Gwendolyn Kiste, and more!   Read more here.



3. Ashes & Entropy!

After some shifting around publisher-wise, the “cosmic noir” anthology Ashes & Entropy will be coming out this December from Nightscape Press!  The name might be familiar because they just released Tim Waggoner’s new collection Dark and Distant Voices.

This anthology, edited by Robert S. Wilson, will include my novella “I Can Give You Life” and will include illustrations by Luke Spooner.  Here’s a sampling below and one of those images is the one for my story.  There’s more going on here with the antho, but I’ll talk about that later.

ashes art test

4. War on Christmas!

This was literally just announced today, June 22nd, but my story “Well, You Asked for a Miracle” will be in the ChiZine anthology War on Christmas: An Anthology of Tinseled Mayhem, edited by Sandra Kasturi and Craig Wolf.  I’m fucking excited about this, gang.  I’m at my wife’s family reunion–big group, big, big group–and when I got the email, I was sitting between two separate conversations and yelled loudly as I checked my phone.  This is good stuff.


5. The Return of Bones Are Made to be Broken!

Slowly, we get closer to a second edition for Bones Are Made to be Broken, which went bye-bye when Michael Bailey’s Written Backwards split off from Dark Regions Press.  I can’t say too much now, except that we’re expecting a mid-summer release, even with the bonus material (including an afterword that was just turned in and oh dear Christ…it’s awesome).

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More later.  I promise.