Cover Reveal!

Soooo, I have been radio silent here,  but things have been afoot!

Namely, this!

My next book, my first standalone book–called, ahem, Standalone–is coming in September from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.  It’s about slashers and alienation and the Multiverse.

Here’s the cover copy:

They are killers. They are monsters. They are evil.

They stalk through summer camps, abandoned hospitals, rundown schools, and isolated houses, hunting anyone foolish enough to visit these places, leaving behind carnage, terror, death, and destruction. Sometimes, there are survivors. Always, there is blood.

And they do it to protect and preserve all of existence across the Multiverse.

But now they are the ones being stalked and hunted, and life as we know it hangs in the balance unless they figure out a way to survive.

Sound neat?  Head over to the Night Worms blog to see the cover and the sweet, sweet blurb Stephen Graham Jones gave the book.  (Oh my Christ, SGJ dug my book!)

And then, go here to pre-order Standalone!